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How do our classes work?

Are you coming to us for the first time and don't know what to expect? Don't worry, we have written down all the information you might be interested in before the lesson!

What to take with you and what not to take...

Comfortable clothing

The main thing is to enjoy the lesson, so wear something comfortable, ideally sporty. You don't need shoes in the gym, we work out either in socks or barefoot.

We have exercise mats!

We will arrange the yoga mats, so leave yours at home :)

Jewelry and valuables

We recommend that you remove jewelry and watches before the lesson so that the puppies do not tear them off. Do not bring any small objects into the hall that the dogs could trip over or injure themselves with.

Exercise, cuddling, experiences

The main thing is to enjoy it!❤️

Upon arrival
Upon arrival to the space, you will be greeted by assistants. At the entrance please disinfect your hands and report your name so that we can check you off in the system and verify that you are attending the lesson you have booked.
You can use our locker room to change clothes. After the assistant's permission, you can enter the hall and meet the puppies :)

Beginning the lesson

In the beginning, the lecturer will draw your attention to the basic rules of behavior towards dogs. Please respect them. We strive for the best experience for you, as well as for puppies. Therefore, please do not pick up the dogs if they are sleeping, so do not wake them unnecessarily and let them move naturally.

We have puppies from 7 to 13 weeks old in our lessons, and of course, it happens that a puddle or a bump appears here and there... Also for that reason, an assistant is available throughout the lesson to take care of everything.

Exercise x cuddling

45 minutes of pleasant stretching awaits you, which everyone can handle. The instructors also show easier alternatives during the exercises, so there is nothing to fear if you are not an experienced yogi.
If puppies run up to you during the lesson, you can certainly attend to them and interrupt the exercise.
We don't force anyone to practice and it's up to you what you focus more on during the lesson :)

After the exercise comes probably the most popular part - 15 minutes of cuddling and playing.

Now, you can fully devote yourself to the puppies, and ask the assistants or the owners directly (if they are present).

Sharing is caring

You can take photos and record videos on your phone during the lesson. In case of sharing on social networks, we will be very happy to mark @petsyogaprague

Did we forget something? Don't be afraid to write to us on Instagram or by


We look forward to seeing you at the lessons!

Your Petsyoga Team❤️

Odkud máme štěňátka?

Nebojte, štěňátka u nás nedržíme zavřená, nejsou totiž naše. Lekce jógy se štěňaty probíhají na základě domluvy s chovnými stanicemi a certifikovanými majiteli. Na lekcích jsou pouze pejsci s ověřeným původem, stará mezi 7 a 13 týdny a plně očkovaná a odčervená.

Majitelé jsou často na lekcích přítomni a můžete se jich tak doptat na vše co vás zajímá. Občas je možné některé ze štěňat ještě rezervovat a může tak díky lekci získat svůj nový domov.

Kde nás najdete?

Naše lekce probíhají v tělocvičně, která je součástí budovy Smosk na Senovážném náměstí. 

Po vstupu do budovy následujte naše letáčky Petsyoga Prague a ty vás dovedou přes dvůr až do prvního patra k tělocvičně. 

Těšíme se na vás! 

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