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Cookie Policy

Cookies are small data files in text format that are stored in the browser of the device from the moment the visitor enters the site and collect information about the visitor. They come from us. We also use third party cookies that come from a different domain to the domain of the site you have visited, which we use for advertising and promotional purposes. 

With this document, which we consider to be part of our Privacy Policy, we would like to inform you about what cookies are and what cookies we use on our website. The contents of this document include information about how Pets Yoga uses, stores and protects personal information collected online, information about your rights and how to exercise them.

As the legal regulation of cookies is quite dynamic, we will certainly have to change or modify our internal regulations and the way we use them in the future. So please review this document from time to time. We will update the text, which is continuously available from our website, in line with changes in legislation. This is the only way to keep you fully up to date every time you visit our website.


§1 What are cookies


Cookies are small files that we send to your computer browser, tablet or mobile phone when you visit our website, in short, to your terminal device, where they are stored. Some functions of our website are not supported without the necessary cookies. In contrast, other types of cookies allow us to perform different types of analysis. For example, they can recognise the browser you use when you visit our website again and collect various information from it, which they then pass on to us. With the help of cookies, we are able to continuously improve the services we offer and make our website more user-friendly because cookies - simply put - help our website understand how our clients use it (e.g. through preferred settings and other preferences). If other companies happen to process similar information, they obtain it directly through your internet browser. But don't worry, cookies can't run any programs, they don't contain viruses, and they can't cause any other damage to the device on which you browse our websites.


1. Custom cookies

So-called custom cookies (or first-party cookies/domain cookies/local cookies) are stored by us on our domain. They are necessary for certain sub-functions of the websites and your navigation while browsing them. They are used, among other things, to remember language preferences or to access password-protected areas. For example, you will not be able to log in to your user account without these cookies.


2.    Third party cookies

Third-party cookies are data files written in text form that are stored on the user's browser or device when visiting a website. Unlike our own cookies, this data is also accessible to the external provider of the respective cookies under whose domain they are stored. This allows us, for example, to remind you even if you are surfing on completely different websites or to identify the individual websites you have visited.


3.    Temporary cookies

Pets Yoga websites use temporary cookies. These are automatically deleted when you close your browser. Temporary cookies allow us to identify our clients' sessions and match them to different requests from your browser. For example, we use this data to load the website faster and/or to store temporary data that may be deleted when you close the website.


4.     Persistent Cookies

Of course, we also use persistent cookies on the Pets Yoga website. These are stored for a longer period of time, which varies according to their type and purpose of use. They can be deleted manually in your web browser settings.


§ 2 Categories of cookies

1. Strictly necessary cookies

These cookies are necessary for technical reasons and are essential for the use of our website and its functions. Therefore, they are also always active. They enable you and us to use our websites safely and correctly.


2. Statistical (related to website performance)

These cookies allow us to analyse how our website is used and thus improve its performance and functionality. Thanks to the information collected, we have an overview of which pages are most frequently visited and whether there are any error messages. They allow us to remember your preferences, which in some cases will increase the speed of our site and therefore our ability to meet your requests.


3. Marketing cookies

Marketing cookies allow us to display different types of offers on our and other websites you visit on your devices, depending on your interest profile and where and how you surf the internet. We use marketing cookies, for example, to link your details to the social networks on which we frequently interact. They then use them to personalise the advertising you see. They are also used to evaluate how often you visit our websites. In some cases, these cookies may contain your personal data (e.g. IP address or knowledge of what you are most interested in online). Marketing cookies are used to collect non-anonymous data and include the measurement of the above indicators. While we typically aggregate data for analysis purposes, in certain cases we may collect specific information about the content you view or your activities. This gives us a complete picture of activity on our website. If you allow the use of cookies of this kind, the information collected may be transferred outside the European Economic Area (see Privacy Policy), and in particular to the USA. It is possible that further processing of the transmitted data (e.g. analysis of its use) is carried out exclusively for the needs of third parties, i.e. other companies and other entities. Any unauthorized processing or transfer of your data by the third-party provider cannot be prevented.

The specific cookies used can be found in the list at the bottom of this page.


§ 3 Legal basis for the use of cookies

The legal basis for the use of necessary cookies is our legitimate interest within the meaning of Article 6(1)(1)(f) GDPR and the deletion of all personal data will take place immediately after they no longer serve their purpose or expire. We need your consent to use statistical or marketing cookies, i.e. those that are not strictly necessary for the correct and smooth operation of our website when you surf the internet. If you consent to the use of these cookies by clicking on the notification displayed on the so-called "Cookie Bar", Article 6(1)(a) GDPR applies to the processing of your data. As soon as the data collected in this way is no longer necessary to fulfil the above-mentioned purpose, it will cease to be used. The storage period of the transmitted data may only be extended if this is required or permitted by the relevant legal regulation. The duration of the individual cookies can be found in your browser.


§ 4 Your browser settings

You can manage the use of cookies in various ways, e.g. through your browser settings.

Most browsers automatically allow the use of cookies by default. However, you can set it to accept only cookies that you agree to use, to notify you before you save them, or not to accept them at all. You can use your browser settings to find out how long they are valid for and, if necessary, delete previously stored cookies. If you do not know how to set your browser in this way, you can find detailed instructions in the Help section.

If you want to have a detailed overview of all Third Party (external provider) accesses in your browser, we recommend that you install the extension for this purpose.

§ 5 Refusal of Cookies

The refusal to use statistical and marketing cookies (in short, those for which we need your consent) will be stored for all future sessions. However, there are downsides to this. Deactivating the storage of cookies via your browser settings may lead to limited functionality of our websites.


§ 6 Managing cookie settings

You can of course withdraw your consent to the use of cookies when browsing our website at any time by clicking on the "Manage cookie settings" link in the footer of the website or on the link below.


List of Cookies

Strictly necessary

We use basic cookies to identify registered users in order to recognise them during their visit to the website and when they return.

CZ verze:

Snímek obrazovky 2024-02-15 v 11.27.27.png

English version:

Snímek obrazovky 2024-02-15 v 11.52.23.png


This type of cookie is used to anonymously collect data about how visitors use the website, but in such a way that visitors cannot be identified. They are only used to improve the functionality of the website itself.

CZ verze:

Snímek obrazovky 2024-02-15 v 11.34.59.png

English version:

Snímek obrazovky 2024-02-15 v 12.03.55.png


These cookies are used to target advertising more specifically to your interests and to measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.

CZ verze:

Snímek obrazovky 2024-02-15 v 11.40.47.png

English version:

Snímek obrazovky 2024-02-15 v 12.08.43.png
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